Got To Get Through This

Its hard to help others knowing that you only have limited means of helping. The effort is there and is appreciated, but still, if only I could do more to alleviate the pain the fate has caused others, I would. Life is tough, and I can only do much.

When I was with the "past kryptonite" this past weekend, we only talked about his present ordeal and the things that he would do to correct it. Of course, during the whole 9 hours of waiting and walking around my former school (which is just beside the hospital), I showed him how my life was and how I spend my days during my past college life. It made us realize that we both have to move on and make the most out of life. After that 9 hours of waiting, we got the results and moved on with our lives, until we start next weekend on our practicums.

As long as I am here, I will be a friend to help you get through this. 
That is a promise.