First B*tch Fit

This Sunday's buffet service was one of the most challenging and at the same time rewarding experience for me. Whilst my kitchen buddy is busy slicing the ham for like a 100 guests that day, I was juggling to pans of eggs for omelet and sunny side ups!

I was doing the cooking and service at the same time, as most guests would ask for their food to be served and not wait for the food to finish. Ahhh, I did that, and I thought I had everything covered until a guest, who is a doctor, made comments about the service, which by the way I should not have handled.

She said (while screaming in front of the other guests lining up for my omelet) I could have told her that I won't be making her omelet for I am too busy to handle numerous orders. I just apologized, but my in my mind I was talking back to her:

"You said yourself I was too busy, you could have understood the situation - we were only two people in the buffet area, stupid."

My chefs came rushing in of course, and a Chinese businessman went behind me, pat me on my back, and said its okay - I thanked him for doing that gesture, as he understood the chaos I was in doing my job in the egg cookery section. Earlier that day, a guest gave me my first tip ever. IT IS MY FIRST TIP IN THE FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY. I was shocked, I'm used to giving out tips when I was still working, when I was still just a regular customer. Well, in all fairness, I seldom bitch fit the people serving me, I give them constructive criticism.

Lat fighting words: I never continued working in the hospital or in the medical world, for there are numerous arrogant people in this industry - from head nurses to doctors. And the doctor, who made my day last Sunday, is one perfect example. Just an FYI doc - you are also service - hope you get your dose of your own medicine.