Wrinkle-Inducing Moment

Some people would say their decisions on the last minute - it is one of my pet peeves really. Can someone pass me my wrinkle remover cream please?

Recently, my kitchen buddy and I submitted our requirements to apply for our practicums. Both of us realized there is not much time to do this, so we went ahead and settled this before everything else gets busy. Luckily we got through and just waiting for an interview and on the way to completing our requirements to finalize everything. Little did I know, our choice would become their second choice. How is that possible?

Applying for practicums is like applying for a real job. It is done ahead of time with careful planning and execution. I will not move a hand for you since I already made it clear weeks ago - in case during those times someone is interested to join us.

My word of advice: apply at your own risk. We need to move on with our application anyway. Got no time for others now. Besides, we already made things in place, we just need to pass the interview.