Reality Bites Back

After 3 months of bliss comes the sad reality of things. It bit back at me big time.

For the first time in months of waddling in infatuation, the person suddenly realized that ts time to break LDR barrier between them. It all started when this person asked me about a place somewhere in the south of Manila. With all honesty I answered I don't know. Sneaky as I am, I checked Google and voila. Its the FB girlfriend's town, or somehow near the vicinity. It is miles away but this person can take the distance.

He would normally tag me along if he's on a trip to an unfamiliar place - because I am others would call "street-smart". This time, he didn't. I should be happy and not be possesive of the person that is not mine.

Good thing I have friends (a few of the 7 trusted ones) who last night, shared their insights and opinions on how I should go about this situation. I just had to bury it, its not reciprocating anyway.

Despite all these, I will remain okay. All shall be well.