Busy Week Ahead

Friday is the new weekend.

That is what me and my kitchen buddy are experiencing in the past four weeks!

Friday is the day where I would call it the SLEEP MODE day. This is also the day where I catch up with news from my friends, through everyone's trusty social networking site called Facebook and through my email accounts. The most important people in this busy week of mine gets to have email updates, and by using their modern handheld electronics called the Blackberry, they get to have the latest and updates on my recipes.

I must say, that in the two things I'm juggling (culinary and my personal dilemma - which I will not say the proper term here) right now, I always make sure that in the 6 remaining days in a week, I am always on a CAREER MODE high.

7 days left and it will be our first cooking demo. Wish us luck!