What I've Done

So far - still in good standing. I can finally say now that I know where I stand. The feeling is not good, and every time it happens, its always an emotional turmoil for me.

This person has landed - and made a mark on my existence as a person and as a good friend. Like I said before, we are partners in crime and good buddies. He has confided in me the happiness, the frustrations, the joys, the sorrows - almost everything that he is experiencing in life. Somehow, I am making him understand why things happen. Like any other fool who says "Things happen for a reason" - I am making him realize "Life is what you make it".

We are one in so many ways - for which I am contented.

If the things I've felt goes to you, may it be from a stalker of this blog or my "seven" trusted friends who knows what I'm going through, just letting you know, that I never took advantage of you nor the situation. It just happened and I didn't mean it. Lucky you, I am understanding enough of my emotions. I have an inner Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey. Lucky you, you are not going through this. Lucky you, you are straight. Sorry if people misjudge you at times - good thing I can back you up, no matter what. I'll just take the blow anytime, just for you to be safe and keep your image unblemished. At the end of it all, I'd still say my thanks to you, for the friendship.

Have a blessed weekend everyone - cheers!