Dear Little Miss Froglet

Its been a week since my last week's day out with a friend - if you have been reading this blog you know who I am talking about. The enjoyment with this person has gone to new heights and I was able to know this person well how he deals with his family and how he spends his weekends. To make it short, I have seen his side that others have not seen before. It will just stay that way and nothing else.

It was a two-day getaway, and of course, there was an intervention from his pseudo-telephone flame who has not stopped pushing him to talk with, even when driving on the highway. How rude can you get - I think she has gone overboard, it is way too much kid!

If you've (YES, YOU!) been stalking me in this blog I have some tips for you, based on experience:

1. When someone is driving - give some space. If you really love the person driving, stop calling for a while. It is against the law too. STOP BEING A CONTROL FREAK.

2. Remember: it was you who initiated this relationship to him, not his. You just used this tactic to have the person you want but the way I see it, you are slowly pushing him over the edge. Don't oblige him to buy load and call you back to return the favor. Why? Because in the two days of you bugging him, I've seen his face looks kind off annoyed.

3. Think of this: you are serious about this relationship YOU created but he ain't got time on most days even on weekends. When will you realize that it is a ONE-SIDED thing? It is, yes, it is - despite the sweet nothings exchanged.

Why I said these things? The man has responsibilities - even bigger than yours if you will just realize that. You can't assume for now, even I can't assume what I said here. Its just an eye opener.

I may sound bitter here but I know where I stand.