Its Been More Than 3 Years

Yes its been 3 years.

I've managed to survive life without it - I told myself before that I don't need it, I'm used to it anyway, being alone, being single.

Now, reality bites back. I've fallen for the wrong reasons, I've crossed the fence again, the boundary where people like me should not cross. Like a child in need, I always plead to the universe to get me what I want. How about the costs? Another broken friendship? Another distressed and confused soul?

My bestfriends said, with the way things are going between us, he knows already, but I can't plead what Miss Swift has written in one of her famous songs. The feeling will just stay with me or else it won't be good.

I hate the feeling, so is the people around me. I mean, they are currently hating me for my mood swings. I wish I could tell these people what I'm going through.

I am trying and always keeping myself positive, just cherishing every moment spent until I lose all the breath that creates the moisture on the glass surface of the window I am currently staring at.