Seriously Speaking


Again, let me say this to you.

Stick to reality - you cannot have the people around you want you and create your own telenovela. The things you have done to my friend is pathetic. Just pathetic.

Whose person in the right mind, would ask a friend you just met over summer, to have his name be "in a relationship" with you - just to show your friends and your stalkers that you REALLY are in a relationship? Isn't that freaky enough?

Seriously, the guy has been gracious enough to spend sleepless nights with you over the phone as if you really are lovebirds - to the point that he almost got sick because of fatigue. Can't you see we are busy striving to become the best? You must understand this fact: IT IS ONLY INFATUATION. Deal with it. Better yet, stop it.

I'm just pissed off that this person has eaten his pride to apologize to you, yet he is really not the one to blame.

Your life is not a Koreanovela, you are not even in Korea.

Grow up!