On Facebook PDA - Do We Really Have To Rub It In?


I am single - call me bitter or anything, I don't give a damn!

I only do Facebook-ing like twice a day, (three times a day maximum) to socialize online and update my status message if I wanted to. In these precious Facebook moments of mine, I find it stupid to see how most of my friends who are in a relationship. engage in cyber public display of affection.

Yeah, you just found the "one" but do we really have to rub it in our faces? C'mon seriously - DO WE REALLY HAVE TO?

Well, its been what, two days? It does not help strengthen your adoration for each other, you are annoying me and hundreds of your friends! Don't let us cringe to the core!

Call me bitter - but this post may help you find other avenues of expressing your affection towards each other and not through cheesy profile pictures and spine-cringing status updates.