The Cycle Never Ends

"Here it goes, Here it goes, Here it goes again" - OK GO


What can I say?

I know the Highest Power knows that I can handle things far worse than this. Second, the infatuation is slowly leaving my system. Third, the man got his first girlfriend - just what he wanted. Its one of them girls, whom he got smitten over the summer break.


It felt as if its a last minute decision and everyone in my online network went nuts as to how it all happened. I was stunned!

Blah Blah Blah is in a relationship with Someone who must not be named.

I suddenly came to this eerie thought: is it really that easy to get yourself in a relationship - in only a span of like less than 4 weeks? I am writing this because the world has gone nuts last night. Now we will all see if the relationship out of infatuation and desperation will work in times like this.

Ampalaya bitter chews. Munch*