Charice' First International Album Out Now!


I just had a long week that is why this post is considered long overdue. I am very much happy with our very own (no longer YouTube sensation) Filipino international recording artist, Charice as she just launched her debut CD at Oprah. Last night, I passed by the mall to get a copy of her CD and was too tired to play the CD until now.

I'm now listening to track number 3 which is currently giving me goosebumps, I believe this should be the second single after "Pyramid". I must say this girl will nail a smash hit, single after single.

My personal favorite in this CD are "Reset", which has a bit of Filipino rap in it but the track is really refreshing to the ears; "In This Song", the track where Charice displayed her vocal prowess, and of course "Pyramid", which is currently number 1 at the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs.

Overall, this album shows our very own diva's vocal range and her ability to change from octave to octave. Good job Charice - now other divas out there, a star has been born and now out to shine on her own!