Remember When? Part 2

Remember the old days? I was so excited to be "off-work" permanently it made me restless due to reasons I can't even explain - so I made up a list of things that I reminisce about especially when I was younger:

Remember the:
- one minute clip airing on Philippine national television 7 days a week? It reminds you of afternoon snacks and it wakes you up during your siesta because its time for afternoon playtime with the rest of the kids. Video after the jump.

- DPC yellow pages? There is such thing as free directory submission when I was younger, PLDT gives you the option whether you want your number published or not. One DPC yellow page book has a life span of one year and its leaves ends up as food wrappers, balut paper bags, and handicrafts.

you ask your mom for a few pesos to buy Chikadees and Cheezels, just to collect the freebies inside? Justice League cards? Fake tattoos? Rubbber thingees that pop and stick to the walls? Ahh I miss my childhood.