If my FB reaches its limit


I always check my Facebook - I've never been this addicted to social networking since Friendster (which by the way sucks big time now). Everyday, like any other FB member would do, I will click on the notifications tab, and then some messages, read on the invitations sent to me, and approve/ignore friend requests - I get like two to three requests from people I haven't seen in person (unless I really like their faces, I would put them in limited profile) or an acquaintance from the past, or someone who just felt I was their friend but I my senses tells me "NO" (again, goes to limited profile list)

The friend list in my FB is getting out of shape - and needs to be cleaned soon. Because there are too many stalkers in my list, just looking at my information and looking at all my activities through photos tagged to know where I've been to - here just some of the reasons why I'm going to clean them all up.

There will come a time where social networking won't be as fun as it is now.