Dream Exit


I am two days shy of being unemployed. Well, not really, because I was given the option of using my "non-convertible to cash" vacation leaves for my terminal leave. Everyone who knows me at work is quite saddened by the fact that after four years of loyal service and seamless work experiences, I have decided to choose my culinary studies over that big fat monthly pay check. The back pay's not as promising though.

I don't mind. I'm leaving with a happy heart anyway. I just wish that this coming Saturday, the company would change their outdoor rugs from green to crimson red and create a wonderful exit number as they bid goodbye to the "dream girl", that "single lady". I am going to miss my work, my close friends, and my wonderful yet bitchy at times company very soon. I wish them all the best in life. Till you see me on my first cooking show on TV (whoa!)