My Tong Yang Experience

Tong Yang Hot Pot +63 (2) 9299173 Chinese, Seafood 1498 Quezon Avenue

I've been to Patio Ibarra thrice this year. Three of my friends had their wedding reception held in a not-so-busy building beside Quezon Avenue.

I didn't know the restaurant below Patio Ibarra and I've never been a fan of hot pot restaurants until we had our alternative learning program for Product ID at Tong Yang - the restaurant just below Patio Ibarra.

Tong Yang Restaurant is a one of a kind restaurant along Quezon Avenue. It is a market buffet table set-up and you get to choose your own ingredients from their wide selection of raw food items. You sit down on your table and cook it either by frying it on a hot plate with butter or you include it in your hot pot. Its like "shabu-shabu" for first timers like myself.

You would need to select your soup once seated: spicy sate, mala, and sinigang were the only broths offered as far as I can remember. I chosed the spicy sate of course.

Tong Yang has a variety of usual and unusual ingredients available on their buffet table. For meat lovers, they have almost everything covered. They have various cuts and portions of beef, chicken, duck, pork, and lamb. My personal favorite for the meat selection is their sliced duck meat - really nice when fried with butter and a dash of salt, pepper, and tamarind powder. It is weird but worth trying especially if you are challenging your taste buds to create something unusual out of the usual.

They also have several kinds of fish and shellfish available in the buffet table of raw ingredients. As for the shellfish, I am quite hesitant about it, thanks to my FSS subject this term, I already questioned the reputation of their supplier when I saw the big shells already opened. I only tried the shrimp and the scallops that morning. Overall, I enjoyed the fact that I am cooking on my lunch table and that is more important.

After the main course, you can also have a good desert here at Tong Yang. They have an Ice Cream that usually has Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Just take your pick and enjoy.

Some things I noticed are the following:

In terms of cleanliness, the restaurant is a bit messy. That’s expected though since everyone in the place is trying to cook their own food. There was a shortage of thongs in the ingredient's buffet table which is potentially hazardous in terms of cross-contamination.

Good thing is that you will cook your food - so I had to make sure I am cooking it very well, enough to make it safe to eat. They also serve plain rice, which I believe Chinese Restaurants should always have, so guests can enjoy the taste of their food in its purest form. I really don't like the idea of eating fried rice with freshly-prepared food.