Charice's New Single Pyramid Featuring Iyaz

I was on LSS since last week since I heard these lines from my chef:

"Shawty's like a melody in my head
That I can't keep out
Got me singin' like
Na na na na everyday
It's like my iPod stuck on replay"

It was Iyaz' track called "Replay" according to my Google search. Little did I know that another LSS song I heard from RX 93.1 has Iyaz on it - this time, a track called "Pyramid" from our very own YouTube singing sensation Charice.

FYI: My sister really looks like Charice - that is why she is one of my favorite young artists to date.

Pyramid's YouTube video after the jump:


jaymarvin45 said...

I love that song....Good job CHARICE.