Almost Complete


I never thought that the big shift would be this easy.

A few weeks back, I was so nervous of leaving my full time job over culinary school. I was on a limbo and I still don't know what will I be doing after months of restless days juggling two things.

The people around me has been very supportive of my decision. I never thought it would cause a stir of emotions on the production floor - as it triggered many resignations as well, because they thought I would be leaving because of poor management and demoralizing aura that has creeped the floor. Some of them said my decision has made a lot of hush-hush among collegues. As much as I want to make my resignation a graceful one, I felt like I've shattered the chandeliers around - its that noisy. Rumors rumbled around like wildfire.

I then made my "press release" among friends within my account a week ago. I am leaving for school, as easy as that. I am so used to stressful nights, 5 days a week. Work is work and my approach has always been professional as much as possible.

I am leaving with a happy heart, and too bad, despite being one of the top people my manager has have, I have to make a choice for I cannot serve to masters at the same time. I think the "more than 4 years" I've spent in the call center world is enough - and its time for me to move on to a new and more rewarding career.

I love my work, but I love my new passion in life more. The culinary world is where I belong - and I would like to stay for good until my retiring days.

This is it - 4 days to go.