On Top

There are tons of anti aging skin products in the market these days, some of them have been effective on my face just to preserve my youthful complexion. I have a few tubs of them in my dresser and I no longer use them. Now, all it takes is just water, soap, and a good cold cream.

I am now on my second month of being awake 20 hours a day due to school and work. I bet Superman can't do this for 6 straight days but so far I managed to be on top of my game. You can serve two masters at the same time, but in the long run, my body will suffer the consequences of having "almost" no sleep at all.

I do not mind getting eyebags these days - as long as I have my vitamins and supplements with me, I will be fine until the end of the month. These helped me stay on my game since I started "multi-tasking" my life.

Ten months to go!