"Carabao" Life

To all people out there who believes that drinking Extra Joss or Explode would help them be awake for several days - never overdo it

I just realized that drinking these energy supplements can actually make you stay up for 2 to 3 days - after that, you will be extremely exhausted - so exhausted you will not wake up from a 2 hour power nap.

I've had that episode 2 weeks ago and it was not good - I missed one of my subjects in the morning for 2 consecutive days. The following week, I decided to take these energy drinks only on days when my body needs it, and not as a daily supplement. It worked like a charm. I am taking vitamins for men now, the "One-A-Day Men's 50 to be specific, to keep me active for 2 straight days. Third day, I would get a bottle of energy drink, as this is my most sluggish day in a week.

Energy drinks are good on days when you need it most. Never drink it like water.