This past weekend shift has been so stressful that I need a neutrogena skin id because my face became so oily with work rage!

There are some people who just don't know how to sacrifice a bit of their time for work, especially now that we are not in good shape. We had to be at work 5 early before our scheduled shift - so we adjusted our schedules. This stupid supervisor did not show up for the 5-hour meeting nor showed up early at work, so the early shifters can go home. He showed up 5 am this morning, thus, I completed a 14-hour shift.

Man, you don't know what we are going through, but at work, we don't care about our personal lives. Might as well focus on our personal lives and leave 60+ people's lives in jeopardy.


isel said...

they do say the oiliness is next to ugliness.