Just Plain S****d

You add the letters of what I am trying to say on my blog post title. I'm rust venting out the experience I had in 3 days.

I created a web page where people can download the stuff you need to learn and review the past day's lessons. It's in Rapidshare, so its in .rar file. Just download the WinRAR application to unzip and open the compressed files. Then I made a YGroup and invited all of them. Pasted the Rapidshare link with words "click here to lear more" or something. Some did not get this.

So I zipped the files in a more familiar way, using the common Window app - per folder. Still, they did not get this. Again, they have been posted in the YGroup. Still, did not work for them - some don't know how to un-zip.

So, I posted the files one by one. And still they can't open it. I wonder if these people are using a microwave oven to access the files online?

Geeez! What is not clear on my instructions?