Friday Thoughts

5 months more and I will become 26 years old. Fine lines will show when I reach 30 years. Better use that cream regularly!

During my younger years, my money has been spent on almost anything - some are useless.

I never found the need to save because I may have too many responsibilities and at the same time, an impulse buyer after realizing I still have money for myself, after paying all my utilities.

Next month, bulk of the money will go to culinary school and basic utilities and soon I will get the one thing I need for long term use - insurance. Insurance should not be the least of my priorities but money is really tight and as of now.

I can't tell you how many insurance agents offering life insurance quotes have asked me to get additional insurance for myself and for my mom. I've always turned them down but I've referred them to some of my friends who might need one. At least I've given these agents possible income, and soon I will be getting their services myself - manok na ang lalapit sa patuka.

Thanks to my optometrist Eric who made me realize this important thing. I'm securing one soon, and I know you will help me find one. Cheers!