We've had a number of house helpers who left our home in the past years who went back this Christmas to get something from me. I never thought that they would come back to haunt me and ask for help. One of them has a kid now - and asked me for money in a straightforward way. Of course, I never hesitated to give out some but before that I asked her if she has a job now. She has one she says - but I can still remember her whining all the time about how their life can be so miserable.

Many people complain and do nothing in their lives, thus they end up miserable and broke. There are only few who are actually in the same state (so broke they can't afford to go on a out of town trip or a ski vacation - but that's too much hehehe) but they managed to stand up and become responsible in handling their lives.

Sipag at tiyaga lang yan.


Tey said...

Wow congrat to your new endeavor. I wish I cann taste it... lols..
Hi James belated Merry Xmas and Happy New year

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