Gut Feeling


Whenever an office mate complains of tummy aches, cramps due to indigestion, diarrhea, or a simple stomach pain, I always tell them one thing: go to Mini-Stop and get yourself 2 bottles of Yakult.

Last February, I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. The cramps I experienced was unbearable. It was so painful that all you can do is think about the stabbing pain in the gut. I had to stay in Baguio for 3 days and be checked by a physician due to massive dehydration and 20-minute interval diarrhea. Out of nowhere, I just thought of buying a pack of Yakult during my third visit to the store to buy Gatorade.

After 2 bottles of the lactobacilli shirota strain-rich drink, the cramps stopped - hours later the diarrhea was gone as well. It was a 'eureka' moment!

Since then, Yakult has been a part of my diet. FYI, it is also one of the best colon cleansers around. It makes me poop regularly. It somehow helped me with my constipation.

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of cultured milk.