First Day High

I am no longer a part of the quality team. Today, I will be part of production - that means I will be taking supervisor calls and protect my agents (yes, I now have agents!) from the watchful eyes of the quality department.

I am not at all excited about this recent change in my career though, why? Here's a list:

*I no longer have the benefits having a pedestal. I am no supervisor then but I use the supervisor's pedestal to keep some of my belongings. Our company stopped issuing new ones to new supervisors weeks ago. Bummer.

*No more "petik" moments. Before, I use to finish 8 observations in a day. When you're done with 8 observation half of the shift, you can relax until the end of your 8-hour shift.

*No more Tagalog-speaking moments. Quality loves doing that everyday. Now I have set an example.

*The fact that I really have to take calls. Its been what, 4 years since my last one?

*I have to work with that bitchy supervisor (more details to come) who thinks and feels highly of h**self. Every time I see h** face, my blood just boils, literally.

The production floor these days has gone stricter than the usual, even PDAs, mobile phones, iPod's, and other electronic devices are no longer allowed inside. If you have them, surrender them to the lady guards on duty, if you do not, they will search your entire body. That includes your groin area or in between your bra straps if you know what I mean.

Supervisors no longer have the luxury of sitting down. In the recent news, management has required every supervisor to be more visible on the production floor - meaning a supervisor should stand up throughout his shift.

Welcome to my new world. It won't be long till I become the next Jamie Oliver - this thought keeps me motivated in my job.