Digital Nostagia

I miss the old days of Commodore 64 - it was the "in" thing in the PC world back in '91. They used this in grade school for the Grade One students' Computer 101. Then we were introduced to LOTUS 123, Wordstar, and those really big but thin floppy disks.

Remember mIRC live chat? I remembered my professor who is actually hooked up with this service. DOS-based chat system is a stranger to me during those days. When Yahoo came up with their "Messenger" program, that's when I decided to sign up for an email account. I thought I had to pay for it so I was hesitant at first. Months later I got my first laptop PC - and then I got hooked with chatting online using Yahoo. Ahh all those countless sleepless nights surfing and entering different chat rooms. I am geek, so I always enter the not-so-famous rooms. The most intimate room I ever entered was the regional friendship rooms. I got my first webcam a month later, so they had to see my fat face.

Then a year later I started a blog here on Blogger - and since then things got complicated with all those HTML codes and other blog add-ons. And the rest was history. I just can't stop saying and typing things whatever comes on my mind.