Under Ondoy's Wrath


Taken 2 hours ago - C-5 Road beside SM Hypermart Pasig - Yes, this is C-5 after he tasted Ondoy's wrath.

Typhoon Ondoy strikes big time over Luzon and has affected all areas in Metro Manila and nearby areas - including several areas in Rizal. Well, for almost 10 years since we transferred to Cainta we've experienced all sorts of tropical storms and typhoons. Our area inside our Village looks like an inlet over a big body of water when other areas inside gets flooded.

Today, as I was typing this blogpost - water level in the ground floor is now over 2 feet.

Hey Philippine Government and the NDCC - what's up? Have you seen this coming? Minutes ago there were several people stranded and made an effort to stay up in the roofs of their homes. Where are your rescue teams now?

To all would-be Philippine presidentiables, I would like to see your informercials work its magic at this time of calamity. I wonder where you guys are right now? Stranded somewhere? Your attic? Submerged on a flooded office somewhere?

Do something guys. And next time, please be ready for any kind of catastrophic event made by the forces of nature.

Been awake for more than 24 hours now, I am just thinking that some neighborhood kid left their Grohe faucets open. A bit of comedy at this time could help.

God Have Mercy On Us.