Much Has Been Said About Gaga

Now this is what I call "freedom of speech"

Mi Lady Gaga has made quite a stir about her maiden performance in the past week's MTV Video Music Awards in Radio City Music Hall in NYC. From changing outfits within the show for more than 3 times and pseudo-bleeding on stage while singing "Paparazzi" (which is my favorite single in her album), she somehow got the attention of critics and Gaga-lovers alike. Love her or hate her, I don't mind. Remember the days when press used to bash on Madonna for being so vocal and expressive of herself? It's just like that. If I were given a chance to become a pop-star, I'd do my own thing, do stuff that I can call my OWN - even if I have to chunk out Mopar parts in various orifices of my body to make a blast on my first live appearance - of course singing live like Gaga, I would.