Monday's Random Office Rant

How I wish I can use my personal computer for work. Due to security breaches and office-klepto incidents happening around my workplace, we are no longer allowed to bring our netbooks. Well, its good because we are getting compliant with the international standards for office safety.

The computers here at work has been used for more than four years now. Imagine, sticky keys. Literally. My USB-powered
115334 vacuum motor device gave up already. Food debris. Dust. Virus. Microbes. Digital bugs and mites that thrive on keyboards and mice (I dunno if these things do exist, just use your imagination!) - name it, we have it between our keyboards.

Its been a week since I requested the facilities department to have my turf sanitized. Been wearing masks for a week now due to ventilation problems. It has caused a number of sick incidents now - due to colds and flu. Yes we're compliant, but how about our health?

Crazy Monday indeed.