Monkey See Opportunities Monkey Do The Damnest Of Things

I had a great opportunity to witness a perfect example of a classic kiss-assing - not on an office setting, but in a bar.

Last night a good old family friend of ours invited me to watch his show along with a few stand-up comedians. They had a gig, side by side with a band - a complete 6-piece live band. Boy they can perform onstage! They are really good, so I sent a note to them to sing with them live during their set. I am a frustrated live band performer since, so I always take this kind of opportunity whenever I can.

I paced on my drinking, because I can't sing well when tipsy. The request took a long time - during their set, an American arrived with his friends and requested a song. It was a Beatles song and he wanted to sing with them. He sang the song, then another song, and another...then their set ended. I can see how they really want this guy to enjoy and give them a good tip. They did not stop impressing this guy until their next set after an hour. The American sang a few more songs, the band really wanted to make him feel good. Their faces meant dollars.

I paced, then I became tipsy. So tipsy I was already having fun being drunk and all when they realized they haven't called my name since. So they called my name. I sang a song and dropped the microphone after one song to my dismay. I hope they got my message.

I wonder why we Pinoy's have to be so over-gracious of the non-Pinoy's to the point that we almost made them our masters? The American, in this post, is just like us. Human, only fairer and much more privelege than most of us.

I'm sober now, I rest my case.