Kimmy Dora: Funny Indeed!


I just been to a night of fun and laughter - after attending this night's "Exclusive Preview of the Funniest Film of the Year" (as stated on my invitation) somewhere in Ortigas. True to its word as per invitation, "Kimmy Dora" promises you to gasp for air for this "laugh out loud" comedy from Spring Films.

It was a perfect decision to grab a talent such as Eugene Domingo for their maiden movie release. The movie is indeed funny, fast paced, with a bit of drama and all. You don't need a lot of brains to understand the movie itself because Eugene and the rest of its cast delivered each line and comedy antic flawlessly. "Uge" played two very different roles in this movie. Kimmy: the "beauty, brains, and billions", the more sophisticated one; and Dora: innocent, virginal, semi-retarded yet charming and sweet inside and out. I won't say a lot about the movie and the story behind the twins - you have to see how Eugene managed to shift in between two different roles. You really have to see it!

The whole story is somehow used in different Filipino comedy films many times in the past. This is the only downside I've seen in a Joyce Bernal flick (remember "Booba"?) but the presence of the supporting cast and the star-studded cameo makes it all worth watching.

I've been a fan of Eugene since she started with ABS-CBN. She's really effective in acting and delivery of lines. We all loved her in all of her films, although most of them are supporting roles, she proved to be a bankable star. Come September 2, her first solo film will be shown in more than 90 cinemas nationwide. She nailed it this time in this film.

Cheers to Eugene, the producers and to Binibining Joyce Bernal for a job well done!

We are all struggling in these bad times but we need to have a dose of laughter next week. Kimmy Dora is coming to theaters this September 2!

5 stars out of 4! LOL :-)