Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

I really hate to be in this very sticky situation. I want OUT really, but the reality of the situation really bites hard.

I've been longing to sign the paper so that I can be free, but right now, as per my advisers, I can't (for now). The remaining people would love to see me still on the floor. Well, some of them. There were subordinates who are actually on suspension as we speak, but I don't give a damn - it is their choice. It is their stress.

But what if they exit too? Would I still have the guts to train new ones? I don't want to be used again for nothing. God, this workplace is so full of kiss-assers now. Some kiss-ass/dead kids even have their own wall of fame. What made them famous is unknown.

There were some who went boo-boo to get promoted. Seriously - like a soap opera as per my sources. Is crying now part of the process?

So the way to climb up the ladder is to kiss ass and cry over your interview process? Pathetic.

Really, there is more to life outside of this. There's more than the green pasture on the other side. On my end, where apparently two (and soon three) of my office mates, the grass is green, but the sheperd is a total prick.

What drags me to work? Or should I say, what drives me to work now? A netbook. I want one. I seriously want one now.

To those who got out of this jungle, congratulations. To those who are planning to go out, make it quick.

As for me, I don't have the solid choice yet. Patience.