Corazon Aquino - An Icon Lost But Well Remembered


I grew up listening and watching to news about the Philippine Revolt in the 80's. "Cory, Cory" is the usual chant on the streets. I was 2 years old when I learned about the "People Power Revolution" in 1986 and my mom used to own this famous yellow t-shirt with Cory and Ninoy in it.

She took over the country by storm. With such grace and finesse she reigned power over the nation, and helped us gain our long lost democracy. Her legacy has been written in Philippine History textbooks all over the country.

I only met her once, 10 years after she stepped down of her presidency.

It was on a taping for a thanksgiving mass for Ninoy's death anniversary last 2003. She even gave me a taste of her homemade chicken liver pâté after the taping. She was a very down to earth person. A sweet and very kind lady.

I never thought that today, I will meet her the second time, only on a wake mass, for her. She's now in peace - she looked lovely still even now. I can say that with the people that gathered there in La Salle Greenhills, she is loved by the Filipinos.

"She has been an effective icon during my growing years: as a loving mother, wife, and a good leader after our struggle from the Marcos regime and during her reign as a president. I myself is a People Power 1 baby - I can still recall myself shouting "Laban" when I was 3. She has been an inspiration to me and to many Filipinos, to fight for freedom and continues to be at present, even after her death. Her charm still lives"

RIP Corazon Aquino - an icon of Democracy.