Busy Weekend Again

Its been two weeks since I started the gym (I wonder how many times I said that on this blog) and boy, Eclipse Systems really work. I can see my progress and I will continue my workouts in the next 6 months.

I will be on my way to Baguio by 10 in the morning today, although the bus is not one of those vehicles with an rv extended warranty for actual bus/coaster, it has the best seats in town. I love Victory Liner's lazy boy type seats. The trip would be a 5-hour non stop ride to Baguio.

Before I depart for the north, I have to stay in the gym for an hour and a half then visit my friend who just gave birth to a 6.9 pound baby girl in St Luke's.

Good thing, my manager graciously gave me the option to leave an hour early than the usual.

Happy weekend everyone!

*Argh my office crush just passed by my desk...