"And I Love You So" Sorta Movie Review - Mature Yet...

The movie was very poignant but beautiful.

The actors were great especially Bea Alonso who has grown to be a very effective and brilliant in her portrayal of a young widow. Same goes for Sam Milby, his portrayal of a dark and mysterious character in the film is also commendable. The transition of the story fast, it will surely make you wanting more about the characters. Overall, the film itself is effective on all aspects though it can be a bit cheesy at times. But its okay.

It is a tearjerker film - so I would recommend this to hopeless romantics around. The movie is so touching and moving, I'd recommend you watch this alone or with a best friend - you wouldn't want your peers see you cry LOL.

Trailer after the jump:

Congrats to the cast and crew for this beautiful movie!

Now I'm looking forward to see "Kimmy Dora" to recover from the drama it gave me last night!