One Weird Drink

My office colleague recently discovered a really tasty drink down at the 24-hour store. It is an apple flavored drink with aloe vera chunky bits.

Yes, the plant that can make your hair shiny and soft is edible. The moment I tried it, I was refreshed and felt full at the same time. It is an effective appetite suppressant!

Just don't think about the plant. Well, it kinda feels weird but I'd do anything to lose a few inches in the next few weeks!

Its been a week since I started weights, and it feels great inside and out.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

light a candle for former president corazon aquino & be one with the whole nation as we pray for her. click HERE.

Pinkish James said...

Hi Jan,

Thank you - as a matter of fact I am thinking of making a post about my 2004 encounter with Cory.

I am mourning for the death of a true Philippine icon.