Leandro Okabe In My Dreams...


Yes, in my dreams - whenever stress knocks out the gay in me, I simply turn to this pic: The smiling Leandro Okabe. Geeky smile eh? Yet his body (like in the pictures to follow below this post) can make a gay man's uterus go elliptical. You know what I mean when I say that.

He makes my pain go away, he makes me go to sleep. He makes me, simply gay - and happy.

Sweet dreams everyone. Let's kiss some more for a bit, after all, the potato is being steamed now. Just don't make me drop it.

Moreness Uber-licious photos of Leandro Okabe here (wish I can find some new pictures of him soon!)



Anonymous said...

he is so sexy,so i like him.he is also handsome
i look his photo