I'm No Hanky Panky (I Know Better Than That)


Sorry to burst everyone's bubble here with this post but reading (and sharing) sensible thoughts are the main reason why I connect with bloggers of the same kind either flambouyantly queer either through natural discoveries or a product of a gayby boomer (like my Mom). I am both and experience guided me to my expedition to queerness.

Over the years, since I became a blogger (way back 2000) my gay blog has eveolved and has became more diverse. Before it use to have flavorful youth issues: on being a gay teen inside and out, then on becoming a full-fledged pink butterfly, on gay love (even staright love), on becoming straight again and back, on gay romance and untamed fantasies. On life's harshness, loss, and learning how to pick the pieces. With this, it has helped me evolve to become a better person.

Blogging is my online journal, shared to anyone on the Internet - in hopes that someday, my archives would somehow help another gay person in need.

Think of me as someone in the other world who would love to share some thoughts and ideas through writing. In my case, blogging is saves and is continuously saving my sanity from the harshness of reality.

To those who've connected with me over the years, I learned to value the respect and the digital connection we had. Let me tell all of you (and to those whom I have met through my journeys with the help of this blog) that I value my privacy, and yours too.

This is me - no frills. No bull crap invitation needed. Everyone is invited to my orgy of thoughts.
Whatever is on a blogger's mind I'll just respect that.