Gods Must Be Crazy


World has turned upside down.

I remembered one crazy gossip about a friend who apparently (according to another person) that he's a budding gay in the making. He actually told me that this person, who used to be in my circle, texted him messages of admiration. Manly admiration towards a man. Man to man for short. LMAO.

Given the benefit of the doubt and the complexity of my queer mind at that time I just said: "You might have misunderstood what he said". I read the note. I did not buy it. Imagine the awkwardness.

Today, I realized something. A thought that this gossip must be true - could be both of the subjects were confused years ago until today. Geez.

Can beauty exist in complicated situations like this? I am now cringing.
Images starts to play. Read between the lines. I am still buying the thought that two beautiful guys can be friends. More than that it could be a gay thing.