Eugene Domingo's teaser for the movie "Kimmy Dora"

[something happy for today]

"Kimmy Dora (Kambal Sa Kyeme)"
is Eugene Domingo's first movie in a starring role produced by Piolo Pascual and directed by Binibining Joyce Bernal.

Eugene Domingo (or Uge) is a Filipino comedienne and a budding comedy and gay icon (yes, I consider her a gay icon baket???) because of her witty and very natural comedy. I am so looking forward to see her movie, which will open in theaters September 2, 2009. I never been this excited since Aiai's first solo movie, "Ang Tanging Ina".

In this movie, she lost weight, not because she found the diet pill that works, her role is actually a weight-loss plan already, because she is playing two roles in this movie. I heard that she will wear a bikini in this movie!

Wish you luck on this one, Uge! (I sorely miss you as a Kapamilya really...)

Catch the teaser for the movie below: