Damn You Straight-Confused Ones

Gay guys get the most tragic of all heartaches from straight confused guys.

This is what I learned after watching the 2007 film from Thailand, "Love of Siam". The film made a big impression on me. Love how Tong and Mew's relationship flourish into something mature. Who among you has not experienced Mew's love mishap - and at the end of the day, after all you have done, all you can say is "thank you". Then weep?

Tong is indeed confused, can't blame him though because of his situation in the story, but saying to the guy getting gaga over him that he cannot be his boyfriend and it doesn't mean that he don't love him - after that sweet kiss nights ago? The perfect gay heartbreak indeed.

Straight guys don't even think straight at all.

Oh well, Mario Maurer is now in my list of hotties. That is something positive that I got from watching this flick.


I will be going back to Thailand come January 2010.