Catch 22

It has been a long week - although the week hasn't ended yet.

I do not know how the authorities at work wanted for us - but they have set up the ultimate dead end, a "catch 22" as my fellow team mate said earlier.

My long time friend and co-worker will have her last day tomorrow as our TL. As for me, I have to stay.

The catch 22? Let's just say, it will be a crossroad with two dead ends on it. From my point of view, everything looks like a stage, a play, a show, made to create a whirlwind of feelings and doubt of...well, never mind.

The thing is the signs are telling me to look and wander around the "greener" pastures. Greener not in terms of money, but greener in terms of self-fulfillment and sense of achievement. For three years, there was none. Oh yes, it is a sign.

I have foreseen this actually, where my latest disciplinary action will play a big role in making that decision. F*ck that USB - the only difference is I got caught. I respect that, and truly, in my honest opinion, the torch does not apply - N/A. You should get my drift.

For now, I'll just sleep and tomorrow, face the day like another day. What a drag!

"It won't be long now"

*to be continued*