Alone Again...Naturally

I remembered my last day at Eclipse Gym at Shaw. Well, I only stopped going to the gym a year ago due to distance issues - our office was relocated to a bigger and much farther (farther to the gym) area in Tiendesitas.

My good friend Thet canceled the gym meet up today, because my godson developed a fever. Hope he is well now, probably he got his fever because his teeth is starting to peak out of his gums. He looked so cute now. He really looked like her mother when he smirks LOL.

It feels so good to be back at my old trusty gym. The cardio machines, the free weights area, the sauna and bathroom faucets, and the locker area still looked the same. The only thing that changed now is that my gay friends are no longer interested to enroll themselves.

Oh well. I have to do this now. As per my new-found gym instructor's assessment today (he's new, and uberly cute! hmmmmm), my stamina and strength has retained. He probably did not expect it. The only that changed is that I gained 15 lbs over one year period of hibernation.

Must lose them in two months!