Reading Through Past Lessons

I had a very fruitful Friday night - I actually saw the outcome as an opportunity rather than a poorly executed one.

I've been in the outsourcing world for 3 and a half years, and still counting. I realized what I've learned in those years were not enough. What I did tonight was to realize my worth, and if there is a gap (there is), read back, assess, and think of ways to become successful and knowledgeable about other things.

For years, I was stucked in my desk, doing the same things over and over again. It felt like rv camping in a place, without going around the camping site. You're just stuck there, without knowing what is on the far end of the forest. My long-time friend at work was right after all, he somehow wandered through the forest and found a much better camping site.

There was no sense of achievement, there was a little bit, but not enough to get rid of the thought that I got stupid over the years. Now I've got to skim through my notes and know the things by heart - and start a new outlook in life and career from scratch.

Time to bridge the gap. There is no place for stupidity this time.