Beyoncé Knowles' I Am...Tour in Manila - Soon?

It was November 7, 2007, when Beyoncé Knowles first stepped on Philippine soil. It was a magical night for the 70,000 people who watched the spectacle, The Beyoncé Experience. It was the night that I became a HUGE fan of this very talented lady. Manila caught a glimpse of her alter ego on stage, Sasha.

Now, Sasha has evolved and became the super alter ego Sasha Fierce!

It was 9AM when I checked my comments in my YouTube account for the "Irreplaceable" concert video I took last November 7. The video was crappy, but it gained more than 100,000 hits. The sound was really good at the back of the Fort Bonifacio field, the Bronze area, where I watched that night.

Video embedded below:

Anyway, the comment was:

"she will be back in manila on 2010 or early of 2011 based on her site. "

I still have to confirm and look for the link where the news was posted.

To my sweet Sasha Fierce, if this is true, you just made me sleepless right now. Please stop by Manila and serenade us once more.

If this is true, I better work my derrière now to get to watch you close this time, Platinum area this time, or better yet, VIP section.

I love you B. You're my dream, make it come true.