AH1N1 Positive Case in an SM Megamall Clinic


I was advised through text that a patient was diagnosed with AH1N1 virus at Casa Medica in SM Megamall. I know Casa Medica in SM Southmall but I am not sure if there is one in Megamall. According to text message I received from a friend, the patient was tested positive in the said clinic and people who treated the patient and has come close contact with were quarantined.

Its a wake up call even if this is true or not - but hope this serves as a precautionary measure to everyone.


Anonymous said...

this is not true. My mom confirmed with Liza Silerio Region Head of SM Malls. :)

Anonymous said...

its roaming around the country through text and email i hope this is not true.

the blogger actually said if its not true or not, just for awareness.

Dins said...

this is not true, as there is NO CASA MEDICA in SM MEGAMALL.

Though I received one PM saying its in SM Southmall, NOT megamall.

Pinkish James said...

Thank you for the confirmations.

I know there is a Casa Medica in Southmall - like I said I am unsure about the whole story.

I'm still worried though because even if its not true, we now have 92 cases in the Philippines since the first confirmed case on May 21st.