Red Lion Pub in Baguio : A No-No


We recently went to Baguio for the long-weekend and I just want to write this post to give my own thoughts and suggestions to this famous bar and inn in Baguio City called "The Red Lion Bar" - a famous bar to most expatriates and foreigners alike, also famous to a few Filipinos around the country.

Saturday morning, me and my friends went there for brunch. We have the idea that it is a pub - and intruders (take note: drunk intruders) would possibly destroy your wonderful breakfast. It actually happened when a drunk guy asked for one of my guests number simply because she is beautiful. I asked why he needs her number, and his answer is because my British guest is cute. He thought she was an easy target. Sorry dude but no. Moments later I asked the waitress to make sure no one messes up with us or else my step-dad (who is a long-time customer) will make a way. She just smirked - what a bitch. This guy has no idea what he's doing, he was quite surprised when I told him I am also from the area.

Sunday morning, moments after we had a sumptous meal at 50's Diner (a fab post about it coming soon!) we decided to play billiards and go for a few booze before heading to the park ne
ar the area. We then saw this karaoke room, so we tried it for a possible night of music. Seconds after I tried the machine for myself. I'm a customer, I should be treated a bit nice. A waitress came inside and shouted at us telling us to leave because she needs to clean the karaoke room. I apologized twice - then a lady in blue entered and said the same thing - I again apologized and said that we are just testing the machine. When we were about to leave the room she said more sarcastic comments : "We will clean the room first, nakakahiya naman sa inyo" - what do you mean bitch? Would you like me to apologize for the 3rd time? What else would you like to hear? I just looked at her in a bitchy way. You just made my day.

To bar goers out there, Red Lion is a nice pub - but sorry to tell you their staff especially the girls are rude and acting like a bitch. They are nice to expats, but not to locals. You just left me a lasting impression girls. I just hope you change your service styles - after all, the place needs a make over as it is shabby looking these days you need to be a bit nice. Ghastly to be exact.

Even if my dad goes there for a drink or two, I will NEVER bring my friends there again. EVER.

The quarter pounder and fries were good - but the waitresses are bitches.


Anonymous said...

who gives a shit what you think?

Anonymous said...

a lot :-)

Lou said...

Who gives a shit what this blogger thinks?

Well, to be honest - he's right. Its his opinion, and that's what matters.

We all give a shit, and simply this bar sucks.

jo said...

this bar is really nasty, i should have read and believed the reviews here before i ate there. The food was stale and it tasted as if its a few days old. I ordered a dish and there were maggotts crawling. I notified the waitress and they even took so long to take care of the problem. Ill never go here again. For anyone to eat here, check and smell your food first before eating it. Don't tell me i didnt warn you.

jo said...

this place is really nasty. I got sick from eating here. The food was stale and it tasted as if it was 3days old. The dish i ate had maggotts on it. I called the waitress and he even took so long to take care of it. I wanted to leave ,I complained to the manager and I told them that ill pay partial for the meal i ordered. I will never come here again. I should have read the reviews before i went here. For anyone planning on coming here check your food before eating it