I Feel For Them Girls

It must have been terrible to be in Katrina's shoes at the moment. Imagine your ex-boyfriend would film your most intimate scenes while you are still together. All the passionate juices and poses - all filmed without your knowledge - for the benefit of the public after the relationship ends. Too bad, two other girls are involved - one is a model named Maricar and some Brazilian model.

All got a nice one night stand filmed by a sick doctor.

Terrible - I just don't get it how and why would the authorities will cancel Hayden's license as a doctor? Does being a doctor prohibits you to your sexual desires? (I think filming your intimate moments is a fetish for some - like voyeurism). I think I need to research on that to solve my curiosity about this. But then again, for me, its okay to film, as long has both parties involved has consent and aware of the consequences of filming such private moments (ie: leaking to the internet).

I guess the politicians are just using the issue to gain more media exposure. Yeah revoke the license, and what will they get if it does happen?

Katrina has aired her side, Hayden hasn't. Whats next?

Lesson learned: Check your surroundings before you do the sexy time! Better yet, get yourself a partner who has no inclination to cinema, videography, pornography, and cinematography.