Freaking Work Random

The systems at work had terribly gone wrong and useless - its been going for a week now. Slow - just plain stupidly slow. It has gone better in between that week but still it has some frustratingly irritating moments.

This morning, we had a meeting. A brainstorming kind of meeting where all of our inputs will be put into consideration. Good.

I had several inputs as to where we are at right now and where can we improve so we were asked for possible solutions.

I don't know if our higher authority at the meeting is being sarcastic but the sarcasm is trying to imply that I should kiss-a** some more and act like I am really doing something. Bad.

I hate kiss-a**ing. Its not my thing. The moment those statements came out I just got pissed off and shut my mouth. I've been trying to keep up with the pace, but the things to help me do the things I need to do does not coincide with my drive to do the job efficiently. I am just prioritizing what I need to do, just the important ones. And that is what I need to do when, times like these, system latencies.

If they are implying that I need to stay longer (and best if I consider sleeping in the sleeping quarters and make my office "my second home") - I really have to think twice. I am in my right mind, they just don't know how to motivate me. I may be chronic as they may say, but they need to reach out why we do these chronic things. They've been ignoring the simplest things, making the kiss-a**ers shine more, because they do more.

The kind of management we are having right now is the worst. They just ask for numbers, to generate revenue - neglecting the people below us and be treated like slaves. Sorry to say but the people we are handling are slowly losing their drive to produce - and their products (lately) are not effective at all. They're slowly producing crap now. These crap slows me down honeslty. No quality - just quantity.

These thoughts just ran in my mind while I had the moment of silence. 20-something minutes later, I was immediately asked for another input when the higher one noticed me not talking.

I just blurted out: "Reach out to the working force of this department by having a small town hall meeting. Ask them what they need and what they want from us."

For a change, meet them and ask for their input. They'll surely be surprised when they talk. Because we can't just command at them to do better soon and produce more. They're not slaves - but for sure they are up to the challenge. They just have to find the right motivation.

Again, I can't just be a pleasing kiss-a**.